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Welcome to the crazy world of Shocking Magic Tricks!

So you love magic? And you love pranks? Looks like you’ve come to the right place.

Here you will find totally NEW, 100% SHOCKING magic pranks, Performed by Joel M, created by Jordan O’Grady.

 Each trick come with instructions and online video’s by Joel M himself, so you will be performing these easy to do tricks in a matter of minutes.


Everyone loves spiders, right? WRONG.
And NOBODY wants a spider suddenly appearing on their hand.

Two things to learn here – getting your mate to pick the spider card, then how to get the spider on their hand.

Instructions included – you’ll just need to practice it a couple of times, then you’ll look like a proper pro. And you will laugh your head off every time you do this trick on someone new.

Hate Written Instructions? Follow the QR code link inside the pack, Joel M teaches 3 different routines from super easy - advanced, you’ll have this down in no time. EASY!

Have you seen Joel M performing this on his friends? Check out Joel M on social media for some amazing reactions.

So, what’s included in the package?

You’ll get everything you need, a specially designed deck of cards, a spider, glue dots for loads of performances, and online video’s to help you with perfecting your performance.

Advised age range is 7+