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Welcome to the crazy world of Shocking Magic Tricks!

The Amazing NEW “Squirt water in your face” prank - FLOAT by Jordan O’Grady - Shock Tricks, performed by the Amazing Joel M.

Another trick that works straight out of the box – you only need to practise it a couple of times before going public.

Each trick come with instructions and online video’s by Joel M himself, so you will be performing these easy to do tricks in a matter of minutes.

Show your victim how easy it is to blow into the pipe and make a ball hover. They’ll be so happy you let them have a go ... until they get a FACE FULL of water.

Float is a really simple prank that is based on The Divers Lung Tester®, taking an old school children's toy, and changing it to a devilish prank! You’ll be amazed at how simple this is to perform.

Hate written instructions? Follow the QR code link inside the pack, Joel M teaches his routines that will have you performing this with ease in no time at all! EASY!

Make sure you check out Joel M pranking his friends with this!

So, what’s included inside the package?

You’ll get the Float prop, 2 balls, and a link to the secret instructions page.

Age range is 7+