The TV show always gets people talking on social media and in the papers and it seems the board game gets just as much great reaction with amazing reviews:

Every Christmas I do gift baskets with board games for my children. This year In For A Penny was amongst the selections and it has been the biggest hit!

We are a family of 5 and our children are teens and this was enjoyed by everybody. It is easy to follow and you move around the board by doing silly challenges like flipping a coin into a cup or trying not to spit out a mouthful of water while your competitors try to make you laugh. It took all in all about an hour to finish and was thoroughly enjoyed the whole time. We had lots of laughs and quality family time playing this game.

It is based on the ITV show of the same name- highly recommended silly family fare, but even if you've never seen it the game is easy to understand and a right laugh:)

Reviewed Jan 2022 - Amazon

Such a hilarious and fun game to play. I was really unsure of how they could recreate the tv show into a board game - particularly without the host being there! But it really does translate so well and it’s a great game for all members of the family which I think is rare these days. It’s all about being a bit silly and just having fun. I thoroughly recommend In for a Penny!

Reviewed Jan 2022 - Amazon

My 8 year old already has the jacket and stopwatch and been playing his own version for the last 7 months. That’s his Christmas present sorted