So one hour a week is not enough for fans of James O'Briens Mystery Hour and that's exactly why we created the Mystery Hour Board Game to play at home. 

But for those of you who have the board game and want more then there is even a Mystery Hour Fans feed on twitter.

Check out:

and don't forget every Thursday* at midday you can tune into to LBC and hear the show for yourself. You can listen back on catch up and play the game at home anytime.

and if you are looking for previously asked questions then you can check out the secret archive and get yourself answers like:

Why do we get a runny nose in the cold?

Why Do We Wince When We Hear A Loud Noise?

Your Limb Is Severed, Who Owns The Limb?

Just don't cheat if you are playing the board game - it will only end in tears.